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hmm, I dunno. anyone have  line art they're ok with me coloring?
I feel bad about rejecting people, but it's definitely the case for at least the last couple years whenever I get a comment or note asking if I do requests my emotional response is very much "UUUGGHH....DON'T WANNA" Then I kind of generally just don't get to them.

Thinking I should probably just make it official that I'm not doing requests any more...
I hesitate to do it because it feels rude to me, but it's effectively been the case for a while now.

Still overall open to art trades, but those seem to be hard to coordinate somehow, I  think I've only had one work out to date.

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Vanessa's Story

The picture's very loosely an inspiration, really only down to some of the moves and such. There's no way she'd be dressed anything like that in this scenario, and she'd probably be the shorter one.

Vanessa was the first girl to get on the wrestling team at her high school. Then she was the first one with an undefeated record and in a couple years time they made her captain. Her grades weren't great but she muddled through well enough without the coach or anyone having to pull out unethical methods. She was the strongest on the team and she didn't even really work out. Once she walked over to where the guys were lifting weights and settled on the guy that was lifting the heaviest. When he got done she told him she wanted a turn.
“Are you kidding? Have you ever even lifted before?” was his indignant retort.
She brought up the fact that they'd wrestled before and she'd arm wrestled a ton of people and there hadn't been anyone to overpower her yet. Eventually giving in she took his spot and repeated his motions easily. It hardly seemed an effort. She got off the bench and went around to the back and used both arms to curl the weight and then get it up over her head.
“Alright I admit it, you are strong as hell. How do you do it?”
Vanessa had to admit she really had no idea why she was so strong, it just seemed to come naturally to her. She tried to adjust her hands and hold the weight above her head with just one hand but she only succeeded briefly. The weight dipped to one side and she couldn't quite right it and the heavily weighted barbell crashed into the floor. She couldn't help but feel that it was a matter of balance more than weight though.
So many students admired her and cheered her on she knew she should appreciate it, but somehow that wasn't the feeling she wanted. She didn't mind winning easily, but something was leaving her a little unsatisfied. She just couldn't figure it out, not for a while anyway.

One day towards the end of her second year a sixteen year old Vanessa found herself annoyed that normal PE was cancelled for the day. A couple of the local police officers had come down and they were going to demonstrate some self defense stuff. She was a bit annoyed over it, a huge chunk of the school had been called to the auditorium to watch it. She got bored quickly and was scribbling in her notebook for a while, not paying any attention when the behavior must have caught their attention.
“Hey, do you think this isn't important? What's so important for you to draw?”
Vanessa sighed and rolled her eyes, it wasn't like half the students here weren't doing that exact sort of thing, they just saw her because she was in front.
“I'm undefeated on the wrestling team, I can handle myself already.”
“I think we just got our first volunteer, come on stage here, what's your name?”
“Vanessa,” she answered as she put her stuff on her seat, “I suppose it beats sitting here.”
Vanessa walked up to the stage and it became clear that she was going to be the victim here and then shown a few moves to see if she could do better. She scowled a bit at that, she wasn't sure but that seemed backwards to her. Maybe she'd just really pissed the guy off with her attitude. Her shoes made her almost as tall as he was though it did look like he might have some mass on her.
“Alright, now let's say I'm an assailant,” the cop said as he walked around her, “You're just walking along and night and suddenly!”
He stopped his sentence short and rushed at her from behind, reaching for her neck. Vanessa ducked out of his reach and stepped away fast enough he didn't keep up. Something was kind of wrong about this and she felt some revulsion about the whole affair.
He fiddled the mic and turned it off, “Slippery little bitch. I'm the law you know, I'm going to teach you some respect before this is over.”
Vanessa was surprised when he pulled something out, she thought it was a knife for a second but then she saw it was black plastic, probably hard to hurt someone much with it. He stepped forward and took a slash at her and she stepped backwards and leaned away, letting it sail by her. He seemed slow to her, and when he stepped forward to slash again she caught his arm and spun around to throw him away from her and take the fake knife. Vanessa twirled it a little and walked over to the podium and its microphone.
Leaning into it she said, “I told you I could take care of myself already,” and the crowd cheered and laughed a bit. There were a few scattered claps, mostly from the wrestling team.
She saw the cop's hand clamp down on the mic and he pulled her away from it, “you think you can just humiliate me? Worthless civilian kid.”
“Do something about it then,” Vanessa taunted and was surprised that he immediately stepped forward and grabbed for her.
She caught him and they wrestled for a bit but she was nearly surprised at just how quickly she was able to throw him down to the ground. She sat on his torso and grapped his arms, forcing them down to his sides. He snorted and went red in the face as he struggled, his arms didn't stay completely still and he nearly bucked her off with his squirming but he tired after what she considered only a little effort and looked up at her hatefully.
“I'll have you arrested bitch, you can't assault an officer.”
“You said we were demonstrating self defense. Hehe, is this really the best you can do? I'm a lot stronger than you aren't I?”
He snarled an obscenity and found his strength again. He nearly got her off, but she just managed to hold on and put him back to the floor again.
“I don't know what I did to piss you off so much dude, but I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to let hundreds of people here watch you get your ass beat by a teenaged girl. Sound fun?”
That really pissed him off, but this time Vanessa let herself be dislodged. As he started to get up she got around behind him and locked an arm under his chin. Pulling back she forced him off balance and heard him sputter and wheeze as he got choked. She let the pressure lighten and his desperate breaths deepened, but he couldn't quite get any full words out. He pulled at her but his position was a ways too weak and she held him in place.
“Now, let's get on with that ass kicking, hmm?” Vanessa felt herself grinning evilly as she put her free hand on her hip, letting everyone see just how easy this was for her. He snarled something but she couldn't make it out.
Vanessa stood up and hauled him up with her, he was forced to find his feet in a mad scrabble as she lifted him up with her single-arm chin lock. When he was standing more or less she let go of his neck and as he reached up to clasp his neck as he caughed she grabbed each of his arms and pulled them back behind him with mostly brute force, there wasn't need for a lot of technique. She entwined one leg with his and put her other knee into his back and dropped back to the floor. She fought him into position and stretched out her arms and legs, raising him up into the air in an elevated surfboard. He shouted with pain as he reached the upper end of it. She let the pressure lax and marveled at how easily she was holding an adult man trapped. She knew she was strong but she'd never tested it out that much, she was starting to think she'd have to rethink that. She tensed the move again, twisting his limbs and stretching his body even harder than before and made him scream out his pain.
Vanessa did it another two times and the last time he didn't seem to have it in him to scream again. She found herself extremely disappointed and she let him down to the ground and let go. She hadn't thought she had a sadistic streak, but she'd enjoyed that way too thoroughly. Maybe a different move would get a response? She walked over and he was just starting to get back together enough to try to stand. She grabbed him quickly by the neck and went down to one knee to grab a leg. She moved him around to a back breaker sort of move, supporting his weight on her shoulders. She stood up and pulled him down across her back as she rose. There was some satisfying whimpering and she thought she heard a sob. She lifted him up in the air over her head with a big smile at the crowd and turned around back and forth to let everyone have a clear view. Then she pulled him back down across her shoulders hard and he screamed again. She smirked and let go, just letting him drop to the floor.
She danced around a bit with both hands raised, but the reaction wasn't positive at this point. Most people looked a bit horrified or frightened. She went back over to the podium and grabbed the microphone.
“I didn't even know I was so strong! Maybe I should get a pro career huh? Maybe MMA or something huh?”
There was a couple whistles at her, but mostly the crowd seemed upset. She fet her rush start to die down, maybe she'd gone too far? It had been such a thrill she hadn't thought about much of anything else. Or maybe they didn't realize what as ass this guy seemed to be.
“Vanessa, that's more than enough. You'll be lucky to just suspended after this. Your parents have been called and you need to get to the principal's...”
The vice-principal didn't finish his sentence as she kicked him in the stomach. Fools, didn't they see she just realized something great about herself? She could be a star coming out of this place, the invicible girl, an amazing top notch fighter. They could have cashed in, but they were just looking at her like she was something awful. She was about to start yelling at everyone that they just didn't get it when she was tackled from behind.
She was familiar with the weight, the cop had gotten his wind back somehow and tackled her. He hit her with his fists again and again as he got her on the ground. Didn't he have stuff for subduing people? Ah, he seemed to remember that himself as he went to grab something off of a belt. It gave Vanessa and opening and she managed to make a counter attack. She threw him off her and his head bounced off the podium, leaving him dazed.
“Let's up the humiliation a little, huh? You just keep being an ass!” Vanessa grabbed him by his shirt and heaved him up to his feet with it. With some work she tore it off and slapped him across the gut, leaving a big angry red mark. He bent over as the breath left him in a big wheeze and she got around behind him and put her legs on either side of his torso. She grabbed his arms and pulled them away from his body as she clamped down with her thighs. There were a couple of cracks and she felt her legs come closer together. He screamed again and she thought that must have been some ribs caving in. She let her standing body scissors open and he fell down, supported only by her own hands around his wrists.
Vanessa took a deep breath through her nose, she was sure something smelled great, which was really weird given the general funk of the school. Could it be that she smelled fear? The sudden thought unsettled her. Why would she be able to smell that? Why would it be such a fantastic smell to her? She'd underestimated her sadistic streak maybe, she was feeling very warm all over. She leaned down and grabbed the guy one last time, she put her thighs around his head and grabbed his hand and turned around so they were both on their backs. She clamped down on her head scissors and he squirmed and fought futilely. The bucking slowed and then stopped and she felt his whole body go limp. She let go and flopped onto her back, breathing heavily. She wiped some sweat off of her and felt embarassed all of a sudden, that knock out had...well, she wasn't entirely thrilled about having that response in public.
At least four different people grabbed her and drug her away. She might have been able to fight them off, but she knew she was trouble as it was, and anyway she had a bit of an afterglow thing going, it wasn't ruining her mood quite.

About a week later Vanessa was allowed back in the school to collect her things. She'd indeed been expelled ans she was facing some criminal charges, but she was feeling optimistic. She was collecting things from her sports locker when a former team mate came up to her.
“What the hell was that Vanessa?”
“The guy was an asshole, he said some stuff with the mic off and for some reason he was just insanely aggressive...”
“Don't you think you over-reacted?”
“Maybe a bit, but I...liked it. I liked hurting that guy and the fear...I dunno, I just felt better and better like it was supercharging me. I just lost control a bit.”
“A bit? You knocked out a cop, and they're saying it could have been a lot worse, and you looked like...well, like you got o--”
Vanessa punched the locker next to hers and the door crumpled inwards. The other wrestler jumped in shock and she tore out the door with one hand. He stepped away from her with wide eyes and she felt some of that feeling again. She swung the door at him edge-first and he backed himself into the wall and shut his eyes as he flinched back. She stopped the door short of hitting him and leaned in close. He opened his eyes and looked weird-ed out as she sniffed him.
“It is fear...I smell fear and think it smells amazing... and yeah, knocking that guy out did for me.”
“What the fuck Vanessa? What is wrong with you?”
“Wrong? I don't know, I feel so great it's hard to think it's wrong...” Vanessa took a deep breath and arced back, “I don't suppose you'd like to do something with me right now? I'm feeling a bit hyperactive.”
“You're sick Vanessa. I'm not sorry you're getting expelled, something is really wrong with you.”
He ran away from her and left her alone in the locker room. Oh well, surely there was someone out there willing to play her way. If not, she could surely just force someone, she was feeling stronger than she was the other day already.
There was nearly a joke about 'V is for Villain' here, but Vanessa and Victoria only make for two so they're not quite half of the villainous characters.
Vanessa is super strong and durable, but her main mutant power is an emotional thing. The primary and most powerful feature of it is that she actually gets stronger in the presence of people who are scared, particularly of her. It almost dooms her to a villainous role, but this was kind of an origin story play, she was almost a normal athletic girl until that power kicked in.

I'm not sure if I should do Vanessa vs Denise as a story, or introduce the character who's going to be the hero of the cast first.
Briana the Bold Brawler
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 250lbs
Age: 27

Training in wrestling and a couple power-strike focused martial arts from a young age Briana had the groundwork to be a powerful combatant. Then her mutant powers kicked in and she gained incredible strength. So incredible in fact that everything seemed to turn fragile around her, it was all to easy to accidentally destroy something. Eventually she got specialized arm bands that cut her strength to one tenth each, combined she's cut down to a hundredth of her natural physical power. When she's only able to lift 1,500 tons her strength is manageable much more easily. If she needs the strength though she can remove them, one for 15,000 tons and both for her full power of lifting 150,000 tons.
In addition to her legendary strength she can summon a metallic coating to greatly enhance her durability and even make herself much harder to move. Seemingly trying to be both the immovable object and unstoppable force she also has a kinetic enhancing power that magnifies the power in her charge, increasing her speed as long as she can run for, generally topping off at about 120, and turning her into a nearly unstoppable powerhouse that hits with more force than speeding work truck.
She became the strongest woman in the world and the utter ease with which she demolished most potential foes and obstacles made her a legend in her own time. She sometimes stresses about living up to the reputation and she's rather reckless in battle.
Try a bio...
Any suggestions or tweaks or anything?
Man I am putting off doing anything today...I just went through my gallery based on popular images to try and figure out which original character is most popular in their images. According to that metric the listing would go Lisa - Ariana - Scarlet. Kind of funny, I remember when I got to run polls I had the result basically go Ariana - Sarah - ........ everyone else, more or less. I think Circe might have actually pulled third.
It's an interesting contrast either way, by picture popularity you kind of go 'two sweet, harmless gals' and... psychopathic bitch monster? I think that's a fair descriptor for Lisa... Going by the old poll you have 'strong but harmless' and 'strong but rather destructive'
Victoria's dead last in one measure and didn't exist for the poll, so...that's about right for her. I don't know if I should count this - Villains: Lackey-type person.. by tj-caris for Karen, since at this point it's more an 'inspiration for' picture, though she does retain the exact powers spelled out way back when... Meanwhile, Vanessa is amazingly strong for a character with like 3 pictures....
I feel bad about rejecting people, but it's definitely the case for at least the last couple years whenever I get a comment or note asking if I do requests my emotional response is very much "UUUGGHH....DON'T WANNA" Then I kind of generally just don't get to them.

Thinking I should probably just make it official that I'm not doing requests any more...
I hesitate to do it because it feels rude to me, but it's effectively been the case for a while now.

Still overall open to art trades, but those seem to be hard to coordinate somehow, I  think I've only had one work out to date.


Insert smart-arse fake thingy...
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