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Quasi-realism Lisa by tj-caris
Quasi-realism Lisa
Definitely a heavy 'cheating' image, but this is fairly close to how I picture her looking, just with, like real hair instead of...whatever it is I draw/paint. Attractiveness is subjective, but I imagine her to only clearly fall behind Estella and Scarlet on a 'hotness' scale, and be pretty competitive with the others that fall into the next tier.

Eerily superhuman, Lisa's biggest weaknesses are a massive ego and sensitivity to certain sorts of name-calling - mostly 'freak' or 'monster' and the like. She bounces between liking to show off and being exasperated with continually having to prove her prodigious physical power and formidable intelligence to doubters. She's generally a dork and likes nerdy things in small to medium doses, she can reference TV shows and movies with the best of them if the topic's right.
Lisa DeLuca is genetically engineered to the point she's not sure just how human she is and has always felt kind of estranged from most of the world. She's not always in the moral right, and in fact when enraged can do some outright despicable things (and not be magically forgiven just because she's hot or whatever), and not everyone likes her - many are weirded out or even frightened, many resent her abilities, but she pretty much falls right into all the classic Mary Sue tropes. She might be called insufferably arrogant, but she can lift just short of a ton, punch out champion boxers with ease, and take a bar stool to the face with minimal damage in addition to memorizing city maps within minutes, prime factorizing 25 digit and higher numbers in her head, and learn a language in a week. A natural born human can't even really hit her hard enough with fist or foot to hurt her, and she's too fast for a blow to connect unless she lets it anyway, so her smug sense of superiority is really fairly well earned.. There are a couple of important things she lacks though, and that could be a big part of the story if it works out that way.
Elizabeth scowled as her older sister looked over her shoulder at the homework she was working on.
“Is this where you're at?” her older sister's hand darted forward and snatched the top paper, she started to read off questions for a while, “Honestly, I was doing this a number of years younger than you are now, what's taking you so long?”
“How about I ask you why you wrote this?” Elizabeth pulled out a piece of paper from her text book and held it up to her older sister's face.
“So that's why you were in my room,” the paper vanished from her hands and Elizabeth looked down in shock and then back up.
“This is from my private journal, Elizabeth, I didn't give you permission to look in it.”
Elizabeth jumped up and dashed forward, snatching the papers her sister held in her face and ran out into the hall. She heard a weary sigh from her sister and started down the stairs as fast as she dared. There was a squeak of something sliding on wood and her sister landed in front of her having jumped down to the first floor.
“Leave me alone Victoria! I don't care what you did! I just want to do my work in peace!”
“And I want you to stay out of my room, stay out of my personal things, I'm not asking for much myself. I could smell that you'd been in there Elizabeth, I was really looking for what you'd taken.”
“MOM! Victoria's being a freak show again!”
“Damn it girls, do you really have to fight so much?”
“I'd hardly call it fighting mother, Elizabeth is the inferior model by a long ways.”
“Inferior model?! Are you talking about a machine like a telly or a camera?! I'm a person!” Elizabeth shouted.
“I suspect mother only had you hoping that some of the modifications done to me in the developmental stage might have lingered and carried over somehow. Sadly it seems you're all natural. It's not your fault, but it does mean you're limited. We're both named for queens, but I'm the only one likely to ever have a lot of power.”
“Why does that even matter to you Victoria? What goes on in that head of yours?”
“Really, please be quiet girls.  Victoria that's enough. Don't rub it in to your sister, that's just going too far.”
“Well, that and one other reason, I believe our mother may have been concerned that raising me in total isolation would lead to a degenerate sociopath, or perhaps she was observing the start of that psychological damage.”
“Victoria, please. Stop trying to convince your sister she's not worth as much as you, that she's a supplement to your existence.”
“Coddling her won't change the truth. I was done with pre-university studies by the time I was her age and she is but one grade ahead of the norm, she'll never be as strong or fast as I am. I wonder mother, did you ever do the math on the percentage of our genomes? Do Elizabeth and I, or indeed, even you and I, count as the same species?”
“Elizabeth, give Victoria back her things and stay out of her room. Victoria, go ahead and go back to your room.”
“So you can close the bars on me again mother? I've had quite enough of that.”
“I am your mother Victoria, go back to your room.”
“I refuse! You've tried to manipulate me into being something under your control, mother, but I've seen through your emotional manipulations and abuse. Things are going to change from here on out.”
Meredith Cross lashed out an open-handed blow at her fourteen year old daughter-slash-science experiment, it was a well-practiced, fast and powerful move. Victoria caught the blow with casual ease, expression barely shifting to a slightly angrier expression. Meredith tried to pull away and couldn't, then she tried to hit Victoria with the other arm but the girl moved quickly and shoved her into the wall.
“Weightlifting and strength training may have bought you a couple of years mother, but I'm the stronger one now, really I have been for a little while now. You should have probably stopped trying to harm me with physical strikes a few years ago really,” Victoria twisted her arm enough to hurt, but not so much as to make her gasp, she mimiced the other woman's voice as she spoke, “Oh I'm so sorry Victoria. You know you just make me crazy sometimes, but really I love you and I don't want to do that sort of thing. Etcetera, etcetera. We've done this dance before mother, it no longer works on me. In fact, I'm not even going to listen to it again.”
“LET MOM GO YOU MONSTER!” Elizabeth jumped on Victoria's back and wrapped an arm around her neck before pulling back as hard as she could.
She pulled and pulled but her three and half years older sibling seemed barely phased. Victoria let her mother-slash-creator go to stumble along the wall and easily pried her younger part-sibling off of her neck. Elizabeth sobbed with frustation as she couldn't resist Victoria's force.
“What are you?! You're no one's sister!”
“I'm your better, little Elizabeth, you should respect me, at the very least as an elder sister” Victoria tipped her head a second and changed where she was directing her voice, “I know you're there Steve, and I see the knife missing from the kitchen's knife board. Why don't you come on out?”
Steve was their mother's...boyfriend wasn't the right term, he was Elizabeth's father but not Victoria's, they'd have been half sisters at best even without Victoria's genetic modifications. He hadn't been much of a part of their lives for Elizabeth's first five years or so, but around the time Victoria turned 9 he'd been living in the house with them. He was a former military man and an accomplished fighter, Victoria knew he was her mother's backup support. To help her keep Victoria under control. He was a father figure to Elizabeth and he seemed to think Victoria should see him the same way, but Victoria had never cared for the man.
“You think your father needs a knife to take you?” Steve stepped out of his non-hiding spot.
“I have no father, I have a sperm donor at best and you are not him. You know I've studied a few martial arts, right?”
“Yeah, I've seen you playing at it Victoria. You're not bad for your age, but I've seen real combat.”
Victoria looked up at the man, he still had some height and quite a lot of weight on her, but since puberty had hit her strength was exploding and her speed was becoming blistering, she was sure she could win this.
“I must question your observational skills,” Victoria lashed out with the fastest, hardest kick and felt a rush of satisfaction as it connected with the man's stomach. He hit the wall and bounced off, landing on hands and knees and coughing roughly, “if they'd been better perhaps you would have realized I'm always holding back a lot in public sessions.”
“Victoria, dear, that's enough. We're family, we shouldn't be hurting each other like this,” Meredith slowly touched her daughter's shoulders and rubbed her hands over them lightly.
“Each other? Mother, I'm not sure you appreciate just how one sided things have become,” Victoria touched her mother's hand and rubbed it gently, smiling a grim little smile.
Steve came up with the knife, thrusting at Victoria's calf and she sidestepped, but nearly too late, a little white line of pain slashed across her leg, but the knife didn't draw blood, more like an oversized paper cut.
“I have never cared for you,” Victoria kicked at his face, but had to pull off to keep her foot from hitting the knife he moved in front of his head. She leaned down and punched at his head from above, driving it into the floorboards. She did it twice more before grabbing his hand and twisting the knife out of it. She grabbed the man by his hair and hauled upwards, he was heavier than she'd guessed, more muscle under that fat than she'd given him credit for, but she got him up. She threw a bladed hand strike into his throat and let him hit the wall gagging and gasping for breath.
“STOP! STOP IT!” Elizabeth screamed from a prone position, apparently having given up on physically slowing Victoria, “DON'T KILL DAD!”
“Oh my dear, that's not my intention,” Victoria's voice was sad for a moment before turning more stern, “I just want to establish the new pecking order. This man is stubborn and aggressive, he won't submit without notable physical damage. I promise he'll recover. I don't like him, but the relationship between you two... I don't want to hurt you Elizabeth.”
“Do you think you can take the family over Victoria? That won't work.”
“That's not my intention, but mother, you were never going to keep me entirely under your control. That hope was always unrealistic.”
“Who said I wanted to control you Victoria?”
“You have, not outright, you don't say it but I can tell you think of me more as your lab experiment than as your daughter. You try to play fair, but Elizabeth is your only true daughter in your eyes. I'm your...something, your ticket a prize and fame, or perhaps fortune. Maybe I was to be a weapon for your political agenda? Whatever the case mother, I have my own will and it isn't to be submissive to you.”
“Do you think you're ready for the world Victoria? How do you think you'll make it out there?”
“I think the better question would be, 'is the world ready for me?' I'm a quick learner mother, but I actually want you involved. I trust your experience and judgement in some areas.”
“Do you now?”
“I suspect I will overcome your knowledge quickly mother, but I've been homeschooled and isolated. I know you know the way the world works better than I do. I believe you when you say the world's not ready for me to be out with my full abilities. I need to go out and learn, I need to get started with my own agenda mother dear. We need a plausible cover story and background, I want you to help me.”
Victoria dropped to her knees as Steve tried to grab her in a bear hug from behind, leaving him grabbing at empty air. She leaned back and saw an interesting opportunity. She raised the knife and jabbed it at him enough to poke but not puncture and he froze in place instantly.
“One wrong move and I can ensure that Elizabeth is the only child you ever have.”
“You little bitch.”
“Elizabeth is fond of you and that's really the only reason I'm not considering killing you. However, there are some impressively painful things that a human being can survive. Do you want to give me reason to get inventive and explore those things?”
“Stop, please, everyone just stop,” Elizabeth sobbed.
Victoria turned her attention to her partial sister and Steve moved again, sensing an opening. He sensed wrong and she spun about and took his legs out from under him. She raised a leg and brought her foot down on his head, leaving him dazed and seeing stars. She stood up and her mother grabbed her by the arms and tried to wrestle her down. Victoria was stronger, but still shorter and not in the best position and it took some scuffling to break free.
“You're out of control!”
“Exactly! Things have changed, and they'll never return to the way they were.”
“I'm not going to accept a new position subservient to my own daughter.”
“What if I don't give you a choice? You already can't overpower me, Steve can't outfight me though he may retain some strength advantage at the moment. I'm not an adult yet, I still have strength and speed to gain. The time is coming soon when physically this won't be anything close to a contest. I'm not trying to say I'm in charge, I just need you to change your priorities.”
“What do you want?”
“A lot of things, but for now I think we can transfer all the stocks you own and the companies you've invested into so that I have partial say. I can increase the money we have very quickly, you'll benefit too.”

“I'm truly sorry to have upset you so. However exasperating I find you sometimes Elizabeth, I do love you.”
“Does a freak like you even know what love is?”
“Perhaps,perhaps not, my emotions don't rage and yell at me like they seem to do to other people, they seem more like background noise to me but I do care and I do really want you to be safe and do well. I may be hard on you, but I actually find your bumbling antics endearing in their way. I imagine it's how a lot of people feel about their uncoordinated cats.”
“I'm not your pet Victoria, I'm your SISTER! You're such a freak!”
“You wound me Elizabeth, I hope we can learn to be closer.”
“You traded rooms...”
“Well, of course, I made it quite clear that I'm never going to be locked behind those bars again. I don't intend to close them myself. Unless one of them pushes things too much.”
The Other One
A bad background doesn't always lead to a bad person, but sometimes it's the last thing that should happen.
“Miss DeLuca, you are a very difficult woman to get in touch with.”
“Sorry,” the deep brown woman said as she pulled out a chair and sat down across from two men and a woman, “my job keeps me pretty busy.”
“We understand, of course, but it would have been a lot easier if you didn't have our number blocked.”
“I don't...wait,” the woman frowned and pulled out her phone, she flipped it open and started pushing buttons, “What's the matter? Is Lisa doing poorly?”
There was a little sniggering from the school principal, counselor and science teacher seated across from her, “Ma'am, academic performance is the last thing you need to worry about with Lisa.”
“I know she's smart, she was reading before she was three, but I worry that it might affect her motivation or work ethic.”
“Smart? She advances through material at a rate where we're honestly hindered by administrative issues in skipping grades more than she is by anything we're teaching.”
The science teacher leaned back and said, “The other day was kind of amazing, I was going over some atomic structure stuff and Lisa started objecting, she didn't like the orbit drawings of atomic structure and started trying to draw in everyone's books.”
“Why was she doing that?”
“She said the depiction was all wrong, she wanted a big fuzzy field to depict the electrostatic potential well instead of the 'dumb planet orbits' our books have.”
“Well, she is right, but how did she know that?”
“I asked her about that, and it seems that she's been reading your old college text books. She wanted to know why we weren't talking about quarks or dark matter, or using exact mass measurements. It seems like she read our book too, and determined that we were simplifying things to the point that they 'became wrong' – which is true enough, but it's weird to hear from an eight year old.”
“Really now?” the woman beamed, “I didn't realize she was doing that. I wish I could be home more often.”
“Anyway, like we said,” the principal cut in, “academics aren't her issue.”
The counselor followed and leaned forward, “The girl keeps getting into fights.”
“She hasn't seemed hurt.”
“She isn't, she's....well, when she's tutoring at her age level she's...untouchable, she's ridiculously stronger than any one else her age. If she gets into fights over in the other building, it's completely one-sided, the other kid's down on the ground crying so quickly they nearly get whiplash on the way down. She's even won a couple with the 12 and 13 year olds in her classes with her, we've stopped a few before they really got anywhere. It's why we've been so desperate to get a hold of you.”
“About that, it looks like I found the number here. I know I didn't put it in here... you don't think...”
“I don't know, do you let Lisa use your phone?”
“Not really, but maybe I haven't been careful enough. I haven't known Lisa to ever lie very much, it seems so weird to me that she'd do that... even that she would know to do that.”
“It's weird, but most eight year-olds aren't approaching Oct-lingual status either. Or doing flawlessly in AP and Honors courses meant for people years older than they are.”
The counselor cut in, “That language thing is a problem too. We have staff that can speak and write most of what she does, but we don't have any one person that can keep up with her on that front. The German and French instructors are both trying to crash course their way through Ojibwe since that's the one we can't translate at all. It's a big contributor to really insubordinate behavior on her part. We tell her to stop and use something everyone can understand, but she's taking it to mean she's smarter than everyone else.”
The science teacher shrugged and said, “IQ-wise, there's no doubt she's the highest scorer in the building. She probably has a point. We've tried all the tests on her and she's so far above the standard deviation they can't even figure out what number to assign.”
“It's leading her to not respect anybody, and that's a problem,” the counselor retorted, “Lisa can't keep flouting authority like she has been.”
“I'd like you to take her out of martial arts classes,” the principal said, “she's a little too effective in a fight, at her rate of development she'll probably be outright dangerous to most of the staff in three or four years.”
“I've made the time to track her grade level, she'll probably not be your concern any more by then. If she continues the way she has been, she'll be in college before she turns twelve.”
“With some credits, she'll be able to skip most of the required courses outright even if we don't give her prep work, but don't worry, I intend to. She'll graduate with some college credit already. Most of the high school material is already boring to her and who knows how bad her behavioral issues will get if we don't at least try to keep her occupied.”
“What about extracurricular work?”
“She's in most of it, band and gym and such. Her limbs are still a little too short for her to be competitive in some things, like track, and those she tends to glare at events and mutter 'soon enough' – it freaks some of the other students out.”
Miss DeLuca chuckled and said, “The girl does really hate losing. Or hmm, the idea of losing...I'm not sure I've seen her lose anything but a game of chance for a while now.”
“She wanted to try weightlifting, and the physical ed coaches all disagreed. She pushed on them to explain to her exactly why not and eventually they actually relented and explained to her about cartilage and growth plates in great detail and technical wording. She said, I quote, 'Understood. What age range would be appropriate for me to start then?' and stopped pushing to get to try it.”
“I hear she's pretty good in all the athletics, but that's not my department,” the science teacher said.
“More like stunning to amazing, you could seriously consider an olympic run in gymnastics for her, or most other fields, she takes right to everything. We compared her records to the earlier grades, and in her age range she's just...completely out of her peers' league. In everything. The band teachers might fight for her though, they say she's the fastest instrument learner they've ever encountered, she's pitch-perfect and memorizes sheet music with little more than a glance.”
“Actually, I'm pretty sure she has eidetic memory. When I handed out the periodic table of elements, she looked it over for around five minutes and said I could take it back. I've been pop-quizzing her on atomic numbers and weights on and off ever since and she's never been off.”
“Do you not like having Lisa in your school?”
“Well, she makes us look pretty good, she can pull up the average scores about single-highhandedly, but her behavior is getting to be a problem.”
“You're having trouble controlling an eight year old girl, is what I'm hearing.”
There was a hum of a vibrating messenger and the counselor looked at their phone for a while and excused themselves.
“She's not just any eight year old, she unnerves a lot of people and not just her peers. Most people have something they struggle with, or are at least bored by enough to not bother. Lisa excels in everything, and excels is probably understating the issue. She's the best at everything we've ever encountered in a child her age, and she's usually well ahead of her classmates who have a few years on her.”
“No, she's dominant on that front too,” the science teacher said, “I've thrown out a few questions with the intent of tripping her up and gotten every student but Lisa to miss it. She's going to be valedictorian with literally not one question missed in her academic career if she doesn't start deliberately slacking off or anything.”
“Well, I'm pleased you're so impressed with my little Lisa. I'll try to talk to her about not fighting any more, ok?”
“Please do, it would be a tragedy to have to expel such an amazing student. If you excuse me, I have to tend to some things, but I should be back in a few minutes,” the principal left and for a few minutes Lisa's mother was alone with the science teacher.
“Look, ma'am, I'm probably not supposed to know this, but your last name DeLuca by marriage, you're birth name is Ami Takahashi and you work at a top secret bio lab under that name to this date. I seriously have got to ask you...did you do something to your daughter?”
Ami Takahashi DeLuca froze in shock and her eyes went wide as the blood drained from her face, but she didn't have a retort.
“Holy...” the science teacher cut himself off, “darn, I was joking... did you? You did... well, that explains things... but, shoot, ma'am, you've got to work on your poker face.”
“I...I'm sorry, I always expected a little more build-up to that question... a black sedan and men with sunglasses... not to just be blurted out by a high school instructor...”
The science teacher stared at her with wide eyes and hard to decipher emotions for a while, but then clearly forced himself to shake it off, “Someone will be back soon, and I can't imagine that's a story you want to go into detail on, but I'll ask this one thing, could you do it again?”
“No, there were...unique circumstances. The situation that allowed Lisa to turn out like she has probably won't be replicated by progressing technology for decades at the minimum.”
“She's a leap ahead then. Fascinating. – you know, I hope we get these issues resolved. I'd hate to see Lisa's opportunities in life cut off because she's too abrasive. Qualifications aren't everything you know.”
Ami DeLuca looked around and smiled with relief at the principal who'd come up to the door without her noticing.

Lisa was doing a hand-stand walk on top of jungle gym bars outside when her mother went out to collect her.
“Mommy!” the little girl jumped down with an unnecessary twirl and ran over to hug her mother around the legs, “You're early! You're usually not here.”
“Have you been playing with mommy's phone dear?” Ami started to walk her little daughter to her car and brought her phone out of her purse.
“Lying's the one thing you're not good at Lisa, dear. Don't get any good at it, please?”
“Okay mommy...why do you ask?”
“You were trying to keep out of trouble, weren't you? Well, it didn't work.”
“I put it off though.”
“Yeah, you're too clever for your own good little miss. It's going to come down on you harder because you put it off like that,” she opened the car door and motioned for Lisa to get in, who did so with an athletic hop.
“I'm not going to the rest of the classes today?”
“I need to have a really long talk with you, little lady, and I want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Anyway, it's not like you really need to go everyday, is it? You're smart enough to catch right up.”
“Mommy, I think everyone's upset at me because I'm better.”
“Yeah, no one beats me at anything. Some kids are fast, some are strong, some are smart, a few are good at some things, but I'm always best. Or will be soon.”
“Well, you're better at doing things Lisa, don't judge yourself on that. People have value on how good they are, not how well they do things. Your mommy is a very, very smart woman, hardly anyone is so smart, but you know why your mom's a scientist?”
“To help everyone.”
“Right, not just the smart ones, not just the ones as pretty as mommy, everyone alive should get a better life.”
“Why am I like this though? People hate me.”
“They don't hate you dear, some find you a little scary, or maybe they resent that you're so good at everything.”
“Why though? Why am I so different?”
“Hmm, what do you know about DNA, Lisa?”
“It's short for deoxyribonucleic acid, it's made of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorous, it's a double helix and it decays too quickly for Jurassic Park to actually work... I cried when I learned that last one,” little Lisa sniffled at the memory and rubbed at her eye.
Ami laughed and patted her daughter's head, “I remember that. Anyway, your mommy works with the stuff and I'll go ahead and tell you a little bit about how we've learned to do things with it. You have very special DNA, honey, there may be a few other people like you out there Lisa, but there can't be many.”
Prologue material
I dunno on this one... whatever...
Post Workout by tj-caris
Post Workout
There are things I like about this and things I don't...not sure if I'll finish it properly when i can scan it in...
Hard Battle by tj-caris
Hard Battle
There are a few little...homages in the way these two fight each other. The next installment may be a bit more obvious..
Just sort of the internet equivalent of thinking out loud I think. It seems whenever I write something with any given character I really want to keep going and see if I can flesh them out more, so it can be a bit hard to pivot around and write another.
Loreane is next and I think Estella will follow shortly if not immediately afterwards, because Loreane's third story and Estella's second are the same. Estella probably won't ever get that many stand alone stories of her own, but I have ideas for a few.

I'm kind of thinking I should maybe make some kind of working order, so that I don't fall into a trap of giving anyone too much attention just because they're somewhat more likely to get more or bigger comments.
We've just had Circe follow something of a Lisa...on-again off-again marathon... thing, and I feel like Sarah's more than due her third part, so that gives us a possible Lisa - Circe - Loreane - Sarah cycle... Lump Denise and Vanessa (no story yet, but one is planned...) together and maybe Estella in with Loreane could get something like
Loreane (or Estella) then Sarah then Denise or Vanessa (I know Denise is like, no one's favorite, but her story won't take long and once it's through they'll be replaced with a 'misc' category) then a Lisa or Victoria category, then Circe then Loreane or Estella again.
I am going to do a Circe and Lisa crossover, so...that might get both of them out of the way on that pass? But I don't know if those characters are going to "really" co-exist, or if it'll just be a one-time 'what if'. I note I have been kind of wanting to make a physical muscle gal that acts as Circe's occasional assistant/sidekick, it would save me having to make another character, but it'd be kind of funny to demote someone that overpowered to sidekick on a semi-regular basis.
The issue I have where it seems I can only write fight scenes kind of knocks Ariana out of here. Pacifism - I approve IRL, not so much in my fiction apparently. Maybe she can get cutesy little three-panel things or something...
I have like three and a half un-inked pages of Jungle Girl that have sat around for years...I think I might finish those and either give her a story reboot, or just start fitting in text adventures of hers into the cycle.

...Also I feel like my efforts to work in anything on the lines of suggestive or whatever are pretty lame. I'm thinking these are actually going to start leaning cleaner because visual sexy is a lot easier and forcing in lines and whatever that are trying to push the stories into more risque territory is making me really uncomfortable...  I know it's weird / I'm weird, but let's say the word of the hour is autochorisexual with a little bit of sex-repulsed... (I've mentioned previously I have this thing where 'sexy = great' but 'sex = ew' and that's the best I can figure where I fall...) These stories are probably going to be more and more just overpowered ladies kicking all the ass.


Insert smart-arse fake thingy...
United States

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