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If there's a fictional archetype I most relate to, it's probably 'clumsy anime girl that ruins everything she touches' - just not even 10% as cute and endearing.
Boob Crush by tj-caris
Boob Crush
I have no idea if Erin will ever get another story, but a few more bits of art seem likely.
Wall Crawl by tj-caris
Wall Crawl
It needs to be a building with metal in its structure for her to magnetize herself towards it, but even though the ability has only shown up in the crossover so far it is a canon ability for her. "Screw you all, I'm Spider-Woman now!"
Man...the crossover thing, I put more work into that than any three stories in this gallery. Getting no response made me almost quit writing here altogether and honestly I'm still rather demoralized. So I guess there's no audience for Circe and Lisa teaming up, even though I thought there would be some people who'd appreciate just how far Lisa gets knocked down in that one. Oh well, I'll just come up with some other character to provide the physical brawn in Circe's stories.
Victoria's actually harder to replace, her role will have to spread across a few villains, but it's not impossible.

I think I'll also draw the scene where she pulls the helicopter out of the air with her magnetic powers just because I like these lightning-effect shots.
Sketch - Circe and Scarlet and
the demon at the end of that story.
 It's kind of just a rough idea, I don't know if anyone would be interested in me fleshing out the creatures and monsters that appear in the written stuff...

"Oh, a summoner? Well this could be... oh no, don't summon something from Nightmare that's just..."


Night Sky Dress by tj-caris
Night Sky Dress
Estella does higher society sometimes. The band on the close up is kind of supposed to be the equivalent of the Milky Way, though I kind of figure the night scene it shows changes, maybe even in a mood-displaying way. I think it would be neat to make an animation where the stars twinkle but I don't know how to do that.


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I really just want to run a couple of polls but refuse to pay for the core deal...

Maybe we can work something out where I'll do point-based commissions after all.

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I think I figured something out. I have always had a really, really hard time reading female muscle and growth stories, I do a couple and stop. I go back to reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and the like. When I started writing like that I went around and tried to read around but it's still really hard for me to do and it's not that I dislike reading.

I think the premise on its own just isn't interesting enough for me. Growth bores me beyond a brief mention, I've only tackled it twice in ten years - Loreane lives in a wacky fantasy universe and Erin lives in a dying world, so there's more going on that just that. There is that one picture but I was paid to do that. Sarah does bulk up when threatened, but that dynamic is closer to Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk than it is most FMG stuff.

I think if I'm going to read female muscle stuff with anything like regularity, that element is just going to have to be an aside and not the focus. It'd have to have an interesting plot, or an interesting world or just fun character interactions. And no explicit sex, whatever I am is close enough to asexual that it's basically gross to me.

Also all-powerful characters do not interest me. As much as the character has irritated me since childhood, saying your character is more powerful than Superman is a pretty good way to make me go elsewhere. What I've read of Oh No Sally bores me to tears and I kind of consider Katsuko to be a strangely effective horror story in its way, but not something I'd want to read any more of. Yeah I drew the character for money once, that's just capitalism at work...

It seems to me that Red might be kind of interesting if her tale weren't so damn depressing... she goes on adventures and fights things while being a badass gal, but one with limits and some failures which could work for me.

I know it's rude to ask instead of just keeping reading, but anyone have any recommendations based on what I've gone over?

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