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Loreane v Croc by tj-caris
Loreane v Croc
Hopefully it looks a little better than the old sketch ...

She'd run the numbers on her new super strength and while she technically knew that something like the dire croc's 7 ton bite power was greatly eclipsed by her ability to lift 50 tons overhead, bench press 94 and leg press 216, it was still unreal to feel just how easy it was to catch those jaws and force them open. Heck, it probably wouldn't be that hard just to pull the scaly monster apart....
Loreane vs Crocodile Lineart by tj-caris
Loreane vs Crocodile Lineart
Something to do while I can't scan anything new...

Loreane used to work in what might be described as the magical fantasy setting equivalent of a toxic waste dump. The great library had stored and contained countless world ending macguffins, monstrous threats from other dimensions, demonic talismans, and unstable potions for the safety of the planet for untold millennia. She was just a inspector there for some years when one day she had an unfortunate run in with one of the previously mentioned unstable potions.
The inventor of the potion had wanted to be a hero with minimum effort and designed the potion to give himself super strength, speed and superior durability. An unintended side-effect had him wanting to test himself and test his new super human muscles against greater and greater opponents until he decided to leapfrog more than a few levels and challenged a Tarrasque, a fatal error.
While testing the potion for component parts Loreane became distracted and reached for her tea without looking, accidentally downing a swig of the potion. Funnily enough the potion turned out to work even better on elvish physiology and turned her into an utter hulk capable of lifting 50 tons over her head. However, the library has extreme and fatal policies about improper usage of the material it disposes of. Accidentally ingesting a potion could lead to death, however unfair it was. So she snagged some gear and ran away. Now on the run she tries to finance getting as far away from the library and its agents by taking mercenary work.
The most important item she snatched is a small amount of chainmail that proved to be barely enough to make herself a little bikini. Still the material has an incredibly powerful stone skin enhancement and even the little she wears makes her skin too tough for human strength to drive a sharp object into it. It isn't as effective against magic attacks, but she still comes out very durable. For a long time she tried to hide it under real clothes, but routinely battles would shred her clothes around her until she eventually gave up and only wears a large cloak over it when not in battle.

Here a crocodile surprised her much to its quick regret...
Coloring difference by tj-caris
Coloring difference
Hmm, I'm not sure if it's all that noteworthy...

I think Erin should have some power other than the strength/invulnerability and most common one...
Recolor or Remake by tj-caris
Recolor or Remake
I thought this one was relatively well drawn for the time it was drawn in, but the coloring was poor and with a mouse. So here's this...

Maybe another character? Someone to stick in between the strength chasm between Loreane and Sarah...
Beach Ready Scarlet by tj-caris
Beach Ready Scarlet
Well, I have another computer, but still no scanner. My tablet sort of works, but it feels really different now. Or maybe I'm just out of practice. Anyway, tried to make this closer to finished...
I probably won't keep it, I see no indication the userbase would like my art style, but I do like putting things together like this;…


Insert smart-arse fake thingy...
United States

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