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Just kind of thinking that sometimes I would really like to get someone better at drawing than me to draw some of these gals, I still can't get eyes to match up with each other. Unfortunately I have no money to part with, so it'll just have to be a recurring, wistful thing.
I could play with art trades possibly (I'm well aware this would only be similar or lesser skill levels, but there's validity in different styles and approaches), but I definitely feel that I need to make some stuff that establishes character, personality, and setting stuff instead of just a few little pin up-ish pictures. Writing won't get many hits I know, and comics are going to suffer from massively plunging art quality because I'm slow as hell...
Also I just kind of hate drawing artificial things for some reason... makes the ideas for city battles and strength feats and stuff sort of daunting.
Sorry if anyone wasted their time reading this.
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jerrie46 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like what your doing! Your art looks great
LurkerJonno Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I'm not an artist, just a viewer, so take this with as much salt as you'd like. I honestly like the style you have. I've seen everything from completely CGI to hand-drawn, and yours captures where you are as an artist at this time.
Everyone, from those starting out to grandmasters, has room for improvment. I just saw an exhibit of John Singer Sargent works, where he wasn't happy with his watercolor paintings, which he saw as distractions from his oil painting. He has some amazing watercolors, the Venice works alone... So even those at the top of their game may downplay their own work.
So I'd encourage you. in my small way, to keep experimenting. Everything has to have a beginning, and I think you've done great so far. Keep on doing, and I know it will get closer to what you want.
bitwize Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
If your girls are experiencing "Liefeld eye drift" (actually doesn't seem to be too bad of a problem in your work), try drawing a ball -- not a circle, a BALL -- and crisscrossing its surface with horizontal and vertical center lines. The vertical line is the axis of symmetry for the face; and the horizontal line is where the eyes will go. Don't make the lines straight; curve them over the surface of the ball. Practice with different center lines representing different facial angles.

The only way you're going to get what you want out of artwork for no money is to learn to do it yourself -- so keep practicing.
MADstarter Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013

Hey, I just read it and believe me... it was NO waste of time from my part, tj. :)

Letting us fans know about what your intentions/wishes are about your OCs is a very important matter since that proves how much you want to improve the quality of your art, as well as having others to have a shot at drawing them. :D

Also, trying to get your characters to develop some more in terms of their personalities and more IS another matter to take into consideration, so I think this has been a well-invested amount of my time! ;)

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